Field Hockey Leagues | Adult | Winter 2021 (Jan.)


League consists of seven games plus playoffs, two 20-minute halves. Men can play but only as goal tender.

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For Team Coaches and Captains:
 When registering online please select "I am registering a new Team" below. This single step will cover your entry fee/deposit and immediately put your team name into Body Zone's system which will open up registration for the remainder of your players. Body Zone reserves the right to modify team names. Once this is done please ask your players to register as outlined in the next step for individual players. It will be your responsibility to make sure Body Zone receives payments on time.

For Individual Players Already on a Team: Please select "I am registering for a Team" below and select your team in the next field down. If you do not see your team name please contact your team captain.  You will not be charged to register but you will owe your share of the league fee as determined by your club.

Doug Miller
Assistant Director of Sports
610-376-2100 x 453